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Holiday Happiness

We have always gone back to PA for Christmas so this is the first time since we've been married that we will be spending the holidays in Utah -- and the best part is our families are coming out here to spend it with us! 

Typically we don't do much decorating because we aren't going to be here and to be honest, we're super cheap. We also haven't started any family traditions of our own! Having a baby has definitely changed that -- I guess kids have a way of making the holidays extra special. 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we started the tradition of decorating our house for Christmas (stay tuned for a long overdue house tour in an upcoming blog post). Chris's family growing up always went to Lancaster that Saturday. They went to a Christmas tree farm (non-existent in Utah) and picked out a tree to cut down and ended the night by decorating the tree. We also have a few decorations that we are going to attempt to make! We will have to share how that turns out!
Oh Christmas Tree! We bought our tree off of a yard-sale page for $25, score! 

Emmy got her first tree ornament from great grandma. 

It smells like Christmas! We bought a bag from Hobby Lobby filled with Christmas goodness

We have received a frame each Christmas as a gift. We have yet to print off pictures to put in the frames but I love the way this looks!

We also printed off these free prints and framed them to add a little more decoration! 

Starting our own family traditions is so much fun! One of the most important things for us is to remember the Savior during this season and teach our children what's most important. The Church has started a #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative with 25 days of teachings from the Savior and suggestions for service. Day 1 starts today! Check it out here -->

I love this because it is applicable to all people (not just Mormons), so if you're looking for simple ways to serve I encourage you to start! We are really excited about this because the true Christmas spirit often gets lost among the business of this time of year. This will keep us on track, PLUS we have already taken care of almost all our gifts which takes a huge load off of us! 


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